Evanston Hockey offers boys and girls from ages 3-18 in the Chicago area the chance to play competitive hockey at house, travel and high school levels


Coaches Corner

It’s been a while since we’ve seen our coaches at the rink. They’re stuck home like a lot of us, but they’re still thinking about hockey, even when they’re out of their natural habitat. What’s on their minds? Check out the short videos below.

Coach Q&A

Think you know your coaches well? You might learn something new here.

Coach Del: Who was your most influential coach?

Coach Dakota: What’s your most important piece of hockey equipment?

Coach Ray: Who is your favorite NHL player of all time?

Coach Zack: What’s your most important piece of hockey equipment?

Coach James: If you started your hockey career over, what would you do differently?

Coach Dave: Who is your all-time favorite NHL player?

Skills and drills

Need some ideas on how to improve your game? You’ll find some here.

Coach Mike: Keep your stick warm with these five drills.

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